Giuseppe Burdo


Vyasa, the floating message

Vyasa is a split couple of basins, a virtual waterway connecting two distant partners. Far from the obsessive-compulsive mood induced by contemporary telecommunication devices, Vyasa bring us back to a pristine state, where the expression of feelings emanated from the quietness and the fullness of the heart and not from anxiety and uneasiness.

Work done at IUAV University with Giuseppe Cosmai and Roberto Milazzi under the guidance of Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor. I was in charge of the product and physical computing. Feb-Apr 2009

  • Luke takes the floater in order to record and to send a message to Linda. Then he records the audio message.

  • On the other side, the floater quietly reaches Linda‚Äôs shoreline accompanied by little waves

  • Linda pulls the floater in dry

  • and then she can listen to the message

Designing the mechanical prototype

Video prototyping