Giuseppe Burdo


9 facts

Please consider this order is random*

1. Hackaton participant. Beside the daily work, in the last year I have been in a dozen of hackatons, within the company and outside. Most memorable include RailsRumble, a couple of H-HACK,, NASA Space Apps. They are all different but I always have been close to real coders.

2. Responsive design. I enjoy working with flexibility and to deliver as soon as possible before my enthusiasm turns into frustration. This is why I am fun of few css and js frameworks. Now I am getting started with: Foundation + Compass + Sass for static websites and in Wordpress.

3. Curious about curious people I fancy how people behave and I have seen different lifestyles (if this is a proper way to define it). I try to travel, feed my cultural interests and to socialize as most as possible, especially to get something done together.

4. I do what’s called UX A.k.a. User Experience Design, which means to put people first. Clients may have very specific thoughts how to develop ideas. After consideration with collaborators, I help redefine user needs from brainstorming, to concept and fast prototyping.

5. I love to learn Last year it happened to leave a well paid permanent position in order to research and study in Canada and US. Right before, I passed 3.091x at MITx because of my interest in natural interfaces and science materials.

6. Digital is a partial Some people ask me if I prefer to design for digital or for physical products. As users we have them blended and I see myself designing for both. Beside my main occupation, I do 3D in a fablab and contributing in superclock.js, opensource library for Arduino Yun.

7. I tried once to do everything My approach is eclectic which teorically is a good thing, I never get bored. But for better results, I usually work in team (only good people). Here the thing: pigmento

8. I am curious about startups I bet anyone in the digital has thought to launch his own idea, at least for a trial. I did as well in a Startup Weekend. It was fun, intensive and I got a lot of feedback. Of course it was a fail ( oh look at friendshippr!).

9. I am currently freelancing There are so many ways to design and I am discovering my own. At least this is a way to avoid the status quo. Did I say I appreciate feedback?


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