Giuseppe Burdo



The project Kandinsky is my research with the aim to understand and play with composition. The final users will be of any age and context. The current work is still ongoing and the first steps were done in my design residence at Felt Reap Lab, University of Waterloo between April and May 2013.

Apart the research, my main technical involvement so far has been in html canvas js and a glimpse of LOVE framework with the LUA programming language.

Drag the black shapes on the grey one

Special Thanks to Alessandro Marin

I made a quick time based animation on the work of art "9 Points in Ascendance", only to have an idea of the balance. Please check the html animation.

Then I thought it was pretty straightforward to manipulate all the pieces in a different order (Trust me: I have plenty of combinations)

Together with Alessandro Marin, we built a game in LUA environment. In order to be right, it is esential to move the circles in the right order. (Please download LOVE software and drop all the demo folder on the software icon).