Giuseppe Burdo


VisualDNA is a fast growing company in the big data with offices in London and Moscow. I have been hired from them in London to help conceptualize and delivery a variety of projects for internal purposes, users and stakeholders. The main products for final users are personality quizzes. Here I showcase a small bit about the work I am mostly involved.

UX, interactive mockups in html/css, ads in Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks, wireframing and design in Illustrator, print usually in InDesign.

Quiz Badges

Here the idea was to simply illustrate few chocholate "icons" to add in one Russian Edition. I am not an Illustrator, so I tried to do something simple and consistent.

Hacking and internal projects

Most of the previous images represents part of the interactive walkthroughs I used to do in a fast pace. Most of the time the brief was spoken or done with a sketch, from the Marketing or Risk departments. I started with visual tools like Adobe Muse, then CSS Frameworks like Zurb Foundation.


I did thousands of creative ads, with a variety of techniques crafted in PS, Fireworks, always under the creative direction.


I enjoy displaying real data in the most meaningful way and I try to pass my vision to other people too. Here the Risk team asked me to automaze data from Excel to Illustrator.


  • The aim was to monetize the entire experience of the user while reading at his feedback.

  • I helped restyling the clients interface, unfortunately without breaking interaction patterns.

  • I designed the company marketing department website. This was a fun "excercise" as it allowed me to understand much more the huge variety of B2B services.


I was responsible to design print material as well for a variety of stakeholders and clients in the Marketing Department, under the supervision of the Creative Director.

Interactive pdf presentations

Identity assistance

Download some more work in progress notes